Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that combines sense of smell with the therapeutic components of essential oils. Our sense of smell is extremely powerful in that it conjures up memories, and associations in our minds, meaning that every person’s experience of smell is different.

The essential oils are natural, plant-derived substances that each have a unique chemical make up. This can be analgesic (pain relieving), antispasmodic (eases muscular spasms), antiviral (fights viruses), antibacterial (fights bacteria), antiseptic (acts as a disinfectant), decongestant (relieves congestion) , expectorant (releases mucus), antifungal (prevents fungal growth), and many other health-promoting properties.

The oils also each have the characteristic of being either predominantly stimulating, balancing or sedating. For an aromatherapy treatment a combination of all three will be used, the stimulating top note oil will be absorbed into the bloodstream the most readily, whilst the sedating base note will have the more longer term effect. The balancing middle note will help to uplift a mood, or sedate the mood, as required for the individual person.

At the start of an aromatherapy treatment a thorough consultation will be carried out in order to select the most beneficial oils. Once a selection of appropriate oils has been chosen, a bespoke blend based on the client’s individual preferences will be made. Therefore, each client’s blend will be unique and potentially different at each appointment.

An Aromatherapy massage itself is a lighter and slower massage than the classic Swedish massage. The routine is particularly tailored towards lymphatic drainage, and towards application to pressure points in the body. This enables the oils to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream for almost instant effect. An Aroma Reflex treatment would have the same effect but through application to the feet.

Bespoke blends can also be purchased to take home for aftercare, such as bath blends, inhalation blends, topical application blends, or blends for warm/cold compresses for aches and pains.

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool towards achieving overall holistic health!